5 Essential Tools to Help Create Great Content

All businesses, regardless of size or industry, now understand the importance of content and the need to not only create great content on a regular basis, but to also proactively promote that content to their entire audience – from existing customers, qualified prospects, new leads, industry influencers, etc.

Unfortunately this might mean more work for your marketing team – already struggling to keep up with their current workload. Or it may involve recruiting other staff members that may not be particularly skilled at creating content, and therefore not using their time and resources in the most productive manner.

In most cases, it does take some good old fashion hard work to create quality content. But there are a few shortcuts, hacks and tools to make creating content a bit easier.

So, we’ve put together 5 of our favorite tools that will not only help with the development of your content, but will also cut through the clutter and help promote your content to your targeted readers.


This Google feature makes it possible to search within a specific website as opposed to across the entire web.

It’s a great feature to help research information from a particular site or find articles that are more targeted to your content development.

Easy to use, simply enter the specific site you want to search in the Google bar with “site:search”  in front of the site you want to search, followed by a space, then the search term  you are searching for.

For example if I were trying to find an article on “landing pages” I read on this site a few weeks ago – in the Google search bar I would enter site:pipelinedms.com landing pages.


This powerful tool may not be a secret and you may already be using it.

If you need to write content on a consistent basis and you’re not using it – you probably should be.

Evernote is an online note taking application you can use on your smartphone, computer or tablet as the app seamlessly syncs up across all your devices. It even has a free version that may be all you need to create notes that significantly help build quality content.

One of the best tools on the market for gathering information for writing content, Evernote has a host of features to make not only your professional life, but also your personal life, easier by organizing your note, ideas, lists, etc – all easily organized and shareable.

Using the Evernote web clipper is a great feature that enables you to quickly clip anything you run across on the web – allowing you to easily organize the information and reference it later, when you’re ready to develop your content.

Hemingway App

If writing isn’t your strong suite, but you are still required to produce content for your website or copy for other marketing projects – the Hemingway app may be a significant time saver and a way to boost the effectiveness of your writing.

The Hemingway app is like having your own Editor looking over your shoulder as you crank out your copy.

Hemingway grades your copywriting and lets you know what sentences may be too hard to read, if you are too passive, not clear or using sentences that are too long or too complex.

For less $10.00, it may be well worth the investment to make your writing clear and concise.


If you’re not a designer, but need to quickly and easily create visual content – Canva may be your answer.

Canva provides an intuitive way to create great designs from scratch in just a few minutes – with no design background or experience.

Canva accomplishes this by providing you pre-designed templates, easy editing tools, free icons, and even step-by-step tutorials to help create or inspire your design ideas.

Canva has a free version that may solve most of your basic design needs, but also has a Canva for Work subscription that allows you to create full brand kits, customize your templates and share your photos and designs with co-workers.


If you really want to drive traffic to your website from your content (and actually from any content, from any source), you need to take a look at Sniply.

 Sniply is a simple, but extremely powerful tool that allows you to put your call to action or message with any piece of content on the web.  You simply pick the article, add your message and then add a button with a link to your desired page.  Much different than a banner ad, your messages are only received by the prospects and customers you’re sending the link to.

Take advantage of your content – and leverage any piece of content – by putting your specific message and call-action to drive clickthroughs back to your site.

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